Something that I have really enjoyed but I do not get to talk about often is my love for architecture and beautiful buildings. I work as an architect for a large Loft Conversion Newcastle company, but when it is your career you don’t often get the chance to discuss it as if it is your passion. I think that is like many passions that become careers, as you do not hear footballers often talk about how much they love to play the sport. I have even met artists such as painters and musicians, and even they do not talk about their career with the same passion and enthusiasm as they may have had when they first started. Obviously, this isn’t the rule, but it is something that I have observed over the years.

Luckily, I have managed to travel around the world extensively, and as I have such a large love for architecture I have been able to see first hand how culture can make such an impact on the architecture and landscape of the country itself. A good example of this would be when I first visited the Vatican City. The city is so small, and I believe that it may be the smallest sovereign nation in the world. But the city itself is one of the most beautiful I have had the fortune to see for myself. This small city has some of the greatest art and paintings that have ever been created in history scattered around an area that isn’t even the size of the Newcastle docks. Yet they have the Sistine Chapel with one of the most beautiful depictions of art in the known world. The city itself is also so clean and blindingly white, and the sun reflects off the buildings and floor like it is concentrated.

You would also see such a large cultural impact on architecture when you visit places like Asia. Asia is famous for the Shanghai-like building designs that you would often see mimicked on T.V. or by architectures in the west, and the US specifically. While it may seem uneducated or stereotypical, the truth is that many of the buildings do follow this same pattern. However, in Asia they are extravagantly different. Some of the buildings and more specifically, temples in Asia are gilded. For those who are unaware of what gilded means, it basically means decorated and accessorised with gold. And yes, this is as beautiful as it sounds.

The temples in Asia are amazing when looking at them, despite where they are in the country and what country they are in. I have seen beautiful and extravagant temples in the middle of nowhere in Thailand and Laos. Therefore, I believe that culture has a larger impact than any one architecture could have on a building or country. You can truly see the culture within the painting of these buildings, and the designs of the exterior. As someone who loves travelling and loves immersing themselves into different cultures, I find this to be an enjoyable experience altogether. I also find that if you are looking to immerse yourself in culture and you enjoy architecture as much as I do, make sure to visit countries that are grounded within their own culture rather than being influence by multiple cultures at once.

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One of the things that I have started to love in the last few years is the gym. I was never much of a gym-goer to begin with, and I haven’t really enjoyed working out before my 20s. I thought it was too difficult, tiring and repetitive to be honest. And that is funny looking back, as those three same factors are also what makes the gym so fun for many others. Truthfully, I don’t really enjoy that aspect of the gym, but I do enjoy the benefits that it can provide you mentally, emotionally and especially physically. I am a personal believer that the gym and regular exercise can do wonders for your total wellbeing and does provide happiness to all those who frequent the gym. At the worst, it will help you to feel healthier or be healthier physically without realising such.

The gym is good if you are lacking in self confidence or you have a lack of self-esteem. Regularly working out – especially if you have a good diet suited to your goals – for your health and for the way your body looks. Whether your goal is to look jacked or ripped, or even just to lose a few kilos, the gym can do a lot to improve the way you see your own body. It also does a lot to change your physique, so many will see your body in a different light if there are improvements. This will boost your confidence and self-esteem massively and will also promote a healthy environment for your body to begin with. When combined with a healthy diet, the physical and health improvements for your body are dramatically increase, and it will be the best thing you could possibly do.

It is important to note however, that many people will not see a difference or any results for at least a month. Many people can become quickly demotivated and switched off after a few weeks at the gym because they do not see an instant, dramatic improvement. This is disappointing for those of us who wish to see others improve their own health and physique. Many of us who regularly frequent the gym want to see others find the same passion for the gym and for their own health, and many of us are very supportive when it comes to helping others achieve their goals. I find it to be important that people who are more experience when it comes to exercise support and give advice to those who aren’t because it allows them to stay motivated while also helping them achieve their goals.

I also think it is important that we do not underestimate the importance of a balanced diet. Many think that if you are going to the gym, you should not eat any type of fats or carbohydrates to achieve your goals, including weight loss. Truthfully, carbs contribute to weight loss, as if you are not eating enough carbohydrates, you end up eating into your own blood sugar levels and muscle mass. There are many scientific studies that prove a lack of carbohydrates and healthy fats will only contribute to keeping weight. If you are looking to gain mass or lose weight, you still need a healthy diet of all three staple foods.

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Here at 580, I like to discuss a variety of different topics that I love. One of my closest loves apart from video games must be football. I have always loved football, or what Americans might call it, soccer. As a born and bred east Londoner, it should be obvious who I support. For those who might be a bit more dim or uninformed, I am a loyal Hammer. I have been a West Ham fan for my whole life, and I can never stop loving the club. I love the club and the players so much that if I had to pick a man crush, it would be none other than east London hero Mark Noble. The club has always been one of the most important things in my life, but recently the club hasn’t been easy to love.

West Ham is a club built upon working class principles by working class fans, and it will always remain that way in the heart and soul of the club. The original club was founded and played with ironworkers from the Thames nearby, and they created a football club for social activities. The club began in the amateur leagues, and over time they began to rise the professional leagues. The club was never designed to reach the professional leagues, but because the teams were filled with hard working lower-class players, the drive and determination only benefited the club. Over time, the passionate fanbase recognised that the players came from the same location and the same hard working lower-class background and couldn’t help but fall in love with the crest.

Today, the club is suffering because those who own it come from the complete opposite background. That isn’t to say that higher class people shouldn’t be associated to the club, but the owners of the club are multi-millionaires with little to no attachment or love for the club, and they are not in touch with the heart and soul of the club or connected to the millions of fans around the world. They sadly treat the club like a business rather than a club for the fans. The owners are so out of touch with the fans that they are donating to the Tory party in name of the club rather than themselves. This is the same club who is politically Labour. Taking politics aside, we shouldn’t be associated with any party officially.

Even our complaints and worries are ignored. We aren’t even able to discuss potential issues or worries with the chairmen of the club without being told a bunch of lies that are impossible to believe. The board have lied to us fans so much now that we can’t even believe the simplest of announcements. While we are not the first club to be purchased and run by people who do not care about the club, it hurts us a lot because we were never meant to be put in this position. The chairmen claimed to be fanes of the club and said that they knew exactly what we wanted and how to bring us to the next level, but in fact all we were told was a river of lies that never came to fruition.

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Video Games!

One of the hobbies that I have always loved in life from a child to an adult is video games. I have always loved video games despite how childish they may seem to some, but I have always enjoyed them because of how fun they can be of any age. Many people believe that once you reach a certain age, you should outgrow video games as a hobby and focus on other things instead. I disagree with this heavily as I feel like you are always able to play video games. There are games for all ages, from 2-year olds to 30-year olds. Video games are one of those hobbies where even though they do not physically or mentally damage you in any way, they are still judged heavily among peers. I have always loved them, so I find it difficult to be embarrassed about my love for them. If people find them to be silly, then that is fine because I still enjoy them in the end.

One of the more popular video game franchises of all time would be Grand Theft Auto, and it is a game designed for over 18s, but that doesn’t stop children and teenagers from buying the game it is so popular. It’s a game that has gotten much criticism over the years for promoting violence and crimes in real life, but this is further from the truth. If anything, the game is designed to cause mayhem and trouble within a virtual world rather than taking your aggression out in real life. GTA also happens to be an extremely fun game despite of its many criticisms. The game allows a relative amount of freedom to act like a complete idiot stealing cars and shooting police and random pedestrians, but apart from that it does little to promote crime and at no point during any of the games do they announce that committing crimes is in any way cool.

Another game that is fun even though it has its own fair share of problems in terms of mechanics and design is the football series FIFA. FIFA is fun to play because anyone loves to play football. The reason FIFA has become such a large franchise is because there isn’t an alternative when it comes to a football game. The closest alternative would have to be PES, but the game itself doesn’t have the licenses for real football leagues and therefore, real teams. This takes a lot of the fun out of the game since you don’t really want to play as West London against East London United. You want to play as Chelsea against West Ham. Nonetheless, it’s still an option to let you play football.

Another fun game that is more designed towards kids that came out recently is Ratchet and Clank, and you follow a ferret looking alien with a cute tiny robot saving the galaxy. Even though the game itself is childish, it’s a fun game for those of all ages. For those who say that video games only promote violence, they should try playing games that are designed for children and teenagers. I know most of today’s blog post has been defending the video game industry, but I love it and I hate seeing the industry insulted in any way. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post, and make sure to check out some past and future blog posts too such as my post on music!.


580 split is going to be a weird blog for all readers today, because I don’t really want this blog to be one describing something specific or discussing a certain topic. I created this blog just for me to be able to talk about anything and anything that I could think of. Today I wanted to discuss a bit about the music that I like listening to and just tell you guys about some of the bands and artists that I enjoy. I like all kinds of music of all genres, and I am not the type of person who can only listen to one specific genre or one specific type of music. I like listening to different types of songs because I feel that all music and all genres inspire different feelings within you, and I find that to be an enjoyable part of the listening experience.

Before I start talking about some of the bands that I enjoy listening to, one of the bands that I have always hated is the Beatles. I know many find the Beatles to be one of the best bands of all time, but personally I feel that they were always overrated, and their songs are not near as good as people make out to be. They aren’t great lyrically or in terms of the melody to the songs themselves, and I believe many people really enjoy listening to the Beatles because of the mystery and legacy that they have left behind. I think that they were such a legendary and celebrity band for their time that many believe that they are better than they really were.

One of the bands that I think are good is Oasis. Although I’m not supposed to enjoy them because I’m a Geordie and they are Mancs, I do think they are one of the best bands to come out of England and the world. They have released amazing songs in the past, and one of the best bands that has been active within the last three centuries. I also think that they have released some great songs like “Don’t Look Back In Anger” and “Wonderwall”. They have been making good music for a long time now, and it is a shame that the Gallagher brothers have been going through so much problems with each other. I would love to see the two reconcile so that they can begin to create some good music again.

I also have a really strong love for older 1980’s bands such as Waterboys and Duran Duran. Duran Duran is one of those bands where you would be embarrassed to tell people you enjoy today, but they were great in the 80’s. They came out with some huge songs and it is no surprise they became so popular and loved. “Hungry Like The Wolf” is one of those songs that are absolutely amazing to listen to, even if it is a bit cheesy and really out of date. Duran Duran have many of those songs, but even to this day I still love the band and their songs.

I hope you enjoyed todays post, even though I haven’t really spoken about much or informed at all! I think it is important to note that these bands are still amazing to this day, even though many people my age still enjoy their songs. I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and make sure to check many of them in the future!

The split!

So, 580Split isn’t going to be like a normal blog. It’s going to be about anything and everything that I am thinking, feeling or loving throughout the day! I hope you guys stick around for the inane rambles!